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The Importance of Software Automation

Software automation

Automating delivery memos, emails and other work communication is key in minimizing the chances of things “slipping through the cracks”. So how can automation make your business run smoothly?

We have all experienced the frustration of critical tasks being overlooked, missed, and not completed. These lapses result in angry bosses, stressed out employees, poor customer service, and ultimately lost customers.

Incompetence may be to blame for some of these situations, but they also happen when workers aren’t aware about when they should or can perform a task. They never received the memo, so to speak. The information simply “slipped through the cracks.”

A solution to minimize the chances of things “slipping through the cracks” is automation.

Automating delivery of memos, e-mails, and other work communication is key to ensuring they will arrive at the right time and in the right manner to the intended recipient so that work gets done . . . and done right.

inspHire delivers four software features that will automate, and so significantly improve, communication within and across your company’s departments. They’ll keep your entire rental business working smoothly, like a well-oiled machine.

Let’s consider them:

Report Scheduler

This feature allows any department to preschedule the running of a report daily, weekly, monthly, or once, at a specific time. The report, in PDF or Excel format, can be e-mailed automatically to multiple recipients in all relevant departments. Here’s an example of how this works: Months before, the service manager configured and scheduled the delivery of Services Due reports to go out on Sundays. After service department staff gets settled in every Monday morning, these reports allow them to plan the workload for the week. The manager had also programmed the delivery of a follow-up report at week’s end. This automated report allows the staff to examine the week that has just passed to ensure no services have been missed. Here’s another beautiful aspect of this software: It will automatically run and send reports to recipients outside your organization. For example, at the end of every month a customer may want to know which of your company’s equipment they have on rent. Report Scheduler will run a “What’s Out Where” report, filter it by a specific customer, and send it according to the desired frequency. This means your company is delivering better customer service.

Smartview Reminders

Never worry again about forgetting to pick up equipment from a customer site when it is called off rent. That’s because inspHire’s Smartview Reminders will alert you to get the job done. The software provides a dashboard that displays a multitude of tasks that should be performed regularly which cuts down confusion about when jobs need to be performed and who should be doing them. Smartviews remind employees to perform and/or follow up on a specific task or to take another important action on a job.

The program will show the day items are due for delivery, cash is due, and workshop jobs are to be completed, just to name a few things, and will provide a heads-up to pick up items during a specific time. Consider this: On a Monday morning, the rental desk staff needs to follow up all the weekend cash rentals to ensure they are returned or picked up as early as possible. Smartviews eliminates the need for multiple employees to run multiple reports to determine the returning or picking up of items. The dashboard organizes the data into one area for employees with permissions. This keeps your business running efficiently.

Additionally, Smartviews help improve interoffice communication. Take this example: A Rental Manager may need a specific type of equipment for a rental order, but the equipment is unavailable. The manager takes a look at Smartviews and sees that the exact equipment he needs is coming out of service that same day. Now that he knows it will become available, he can fulfill the rental order that is currently short on equipment.

Business Alerts

The Business Alerts feature is another important inspHire automation tool. The program keeps the relevant people “in the know,” eliminating the need for manual emails, phone calls, memos, and texts. The messages are accurate, instantaneous, and automatic, minimizing communication gaps between departments and within departments and the possibility of items slipping through the cracks.

The software triggers “alerts” when employees take certain actions. For example, inspHire will:

  • E-mail a customer’s Account Manager when a new contract is created for the customer by the Rental Desk or a Sales Representative

  • E-mail the Workshop Manager when the Rental Desk or a Customer Service Rep exchanges a contract item for repair

  • Notify the Sales Rep or Account Manager to call a customer a week after a quotation is raised

  • Automatically e-mail a customer if the delivery date on a contract changes and perform many more tasks! Business Intelligence Dashboards

inspHire’s Business Intelligence Dashboards supplement company performance reports from last week, last month, or last year. They provide key live information that improves communication about pressing company needs and allows you to react immediately and have an instant impact on your rental business. What’s more, this software’s security feature controls individuals’ access to specific dashboards. For example, if your company so chooses, Executive Management employees may be the only ones permitted to access financial-related dashboards and staff personnel can use performance dashboards to track their own targets and goals. What’s the upside of this feature? Access to organized data allows for improved performance management in real-time.

As you’ve certainly experienced, communication within and across departments is critical in any business. Business Management Software should automate these lines of communication with data that is accurate, real-time, and relevant—and that’s what inspHire’s software delivers.

To further learn how our tools can improve your business, contact us today for a free needs evaluation and demonstration.


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