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Better decisions through business intelligence dashboards


Data determines decisions. The fastest, most accurate information leads to the most efficient, effective solutions. With the recent emergence of the cloud and mobile software, companies are processing real-time data and applying it in some exciting new ways. All this information not only needs quantifying, it must be stored and displayed in a simple, fast and easily-accessible format.

Dashboards provide the insight and interface needed to operate and expand businesses to their fullest potential. As companies grow, so should their dashboards. The right software accommodates your needs and expands and adapts along with your business, impacting everything from the boardroom to customers in need of reliable service.

On the Move

It doesn’t get any more real-time than mobile. The ease of use, strong engagement and – above all – convenience of mobile technology allows us to access data on the go and in the moment.

As technology evolves, the programs, spreadsheets, presentations and communication tools once reserved for desktops and laptops are transitioning to mobile without any compromises or loss in quality. With this game-changing shift in accessibility, companies are better equipped to make the right choices, faster.

Evolving with the Users

Basic dashboards began with some keystrokes. Then they moved on to mouse clicks. Now, it’s the touchscreen currently enjoying ubiquity. As dashboards continue to change, the need for hardware might slowly become obsolete. Language assistance helps your program understand, process and obey the nuances of your own voice.

The speed and ease with which you access information on the fly is getting faster and faster, and virtual assistants can help with decision-making in daily operations as well as organizing data for easier searches. These options mean you no longer have to click the “help” menu. You need only speak your commands: a real time-saver for savvy multitaskers.

Among the Cloud

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular in several industries because it helps with improving production, profits and customer service. One area where the cloud is especially excelling is the central command center of fast track business today - the dashboard. Part of any good dashboard is its ability to remain constantly connected in order to obtain the most up-to-the-minute information. The cloud untethers you from hardware and allows you to access secure data whenever, wherever and with whichever enabled devices you wish. While you might not be able to physically see the cloud, be you can access the visualizations and real-time results it creates.

Bigger Is Better

Limited dashboard views mean limited data views. Some software only offers a narrow selection of situations and probabilities. This kind of single-operational activity can only provide the user with one or a select few KPIs, making contextualizing the bigger picture a Herculean undertaking, if not downright impossible.

To make the kind of informed decisions necessary to manage a successful business, you need an expansive dashboard that pulls in data from multiple sources. This strategy helps decision makers better visualize how all the different parts of a company interact with one another.

Consider including some of the unique datasets when designing a company dashboard interface:

  • Diagnostic sources
  • Other departmental data
  • News feeds
  • Social feeds

For optimum efficiency, each user should set up a dashboard that only reflects real-time data relevant to their responsibilities. Clutter only wastes time, as it forces employees and customers to sift through information they don’t need. Bigger may be better, but a larger interface should never lack streamlining.

We Have the Tools

Every successful business wants to make better use of the data they already have. As companies seek faster, more accurate strategies to effectively manage new and detailed information, the currently available dashboard options support employees and customers in some truly valuable ways. Let inspHire rental software supports your real-time data needs.

Contact us today and learn more about our dynamic offerings and how they can help you access, analyze and apply the numbers needed to make your company an industry standout.


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